Transferring a Prescription:  If you would like to try out Josefs Pharmacy, please call us or stop by your closest Josefs location and provide the names of your current medications and pharmacy contact information.  We will handle the rest for you.  Josefs will contact your current pharmacy for your prescription on file.  If your prescription has no refills, Josefs will contact your prescribing physician.  We will contact you when your prescription is ready.  The following are some of our benefits:

  • Generic Drug Savings
  • Josefs Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated pharmacy in North Carolina that offers a wide range of generics you can afford, delivered to your door.
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  • Med Packs
  • If you take 3 or more medications per day, Josef’s Pharmacy offers the perfect solution for you called medpack. Talk to one of our pharmacists at one of our locations or by phone about your prescriptions. Josef’s will organize all your medications into convenient medpacks delivered right to your door. Save yourself multiple trips to the pharmacy and the headache of organizing all of your medications.
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  • Specialty Pharmacy Services
    • One call/fax from prescriber: Same day patient acceptance (mostly within two hours)
    • Fast speed to therapy, including fast verification of insurance benefits
    • Copay management through financial assistance as available & eligible from external companies, such as manufacturers.
    • Personalized patient care due to 24/7 access to pharmacists, dedicated patient care coordinators or healthcare coaches, and side effect management & adherence calls
    • Free overnight delivery of medications, including necessary supplies as needed & applicable
    • In most insurance networks, such as Medicare Part D, NC Medicaid, & BCBSNC Specialty Pharmacy Network
    • Nursing or educational support
    • Physicians notified of any adverse events or complications or compliance issues.

  • Financial Assistance Research
  • Since out of pocket costs for certain medications can be high, Josefs Pharmacy specializes in researching for most relevant financial assistance available, for example, through Manufacturer Programs or Foundations or Grants.  Depending on restrictions and eligibility conditions, Josefs Pharmacy can either complete or help facilitate enrollment in these programs by providing you with the necessary forms and instructions to complete them.  We track financial assistance used for each fill/refill and help apply for renewals of financial assistance.

  • Educational Resources
  • Knowing about a condition or treatment can really help with the healing process. We’re here to support you with educational resources to make your treatment easier.
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  • Quick Links
  • Quick links for quick results. Josefs Pharmacy resources are just a click away.

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